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o Fire extinguisher — Must be 2-A: 1OB: C grade-(Keep receipt)-At least one 5lb.mounted extinguisher on each level (Keep Receipt to turn in to Eagle Quest).
o Fire escape ladder on the upper floor(s) of the home
o First-aid kit with digital thermometer
o Metal Locked box or cabinet for all medications (prescribed or over the counter).
o Locked cases for weapons and ammunition (firearms, bows and arrows, swords, etc.). Ammunition should be stored separate from firearms.
o Emergency key for any doorknob that locks without a key taped on top of the door jam
o Trashcan lids for all medium and large bins (inside and outside)
o Home Phone
o Outlet plug protectors in all outlets (for youth under 5)
o A set of drawers for each bedroom designated for foster youth
o Bed linens and a set of towels for each foster youth
o Separate hygiene products (shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, lotion, etc.) for each youth (kept in separate shower caddies)

o At least one fire escape plan (floor plan w/ arrows towards exits) on each level.
o Emergency phone list including: fire, ambulance, police, poison control, parent(s) #’s, in­ case of emergency people (names and #’s), non-primary caregiver(s) #’s, etc. (will be provided by Eagle Quest)
o Youth Bill of Rights (will be provided by Eagle Quest)

o Chemicals, alcohol, sharp items, and power tools in home or garage must be elevated and stored together out of children’s reach
o No security bars on any windows
o A window that easily opens and closes in every youth’s bedroom
o If a refrigerator or freezer is not in use, it must be removed from the premises or its door removed/locked.
o Portable heaters are prohibited.
o All chords must be gathered to prevent tripping hazards. Special attention shall be given to avoid overloading.
o Ensure air filters/vents are clean
o Will check water heater for shut off valve (visual inspection) make sure there is a walkway to water heater
o A deadbolt lock, security chain, or night latch is permissible as long as the lock, chain, or latch can be opened from the inside without the use of a key or special knowledge and is mounted no higher than 48 inches from the floor.

Smoke Detectors
o Working smoke detectors in every youth ‘s bedroom, the kitchen, and central locations
o When sleeping rooms are located on an upper level of a building, a smoke detector must be placed at the center of the ceiling directly above the stairway

o Twin over twin or twin sized beds for foster youth. Top Bunk must have a minimum 4-inch railing
o A child must be 8 years of age or older to sleep on the top bunk
o You must have 3 feet between all beds

o Safety requirements — shepherds hook, lifesaver ring, and, for youth under 5: a four foot tall fence with self-closing and locking door. Pool key must be labeled and easily accessible

o Pets must be fed in area other than where food is prepared and consumed
o Pet food cannot be stored in the same place as human food
o Pet feces must be picked up from outside
o Any litter boxes must be kept out of the reach of young children, and play areas must be cleaned of all animal feces before children are allowed access to those areas

o No expired food in the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry-Check expiration dates
o Any bulk foods separated (frozen) must have purchase date written on packaging

Gender and Age Rules
o When a child turns 1-year-old, they can no longer sleep in the foster parents’ master bedroom
o Siblings of the same sex can share a full-sized bed or larger at any age as long as they are both over the age of 12 months
o A child must be 8-years-old to sleep on the top bunk of a bunk bed
o Siblings of the opposite sex can share a bedroom up to the age of 5
o Car Seat & Booster Seat: 6 & 60 rule—Any child less than 6 years of age who weighs less than 60 pounds must ride in an approved child restraint system
o The foster parents’ bedroom must be located on the same floor as the bedroom of any child under 8 years of age
o If there are 10 or more occupants in a foster home, a State Fire Marshal Inspection will be required
o Birth children/adoptive children can share a bedroom if they are the same gender and around the same age. Each child must have his own bed and storage space (closet, dresser drawers)
o A child of the foster parents who is 18, 19 or 20 years of age may share a room with a foster child of the same sex and similar age if this arrangement is approved by the licensing authority representative

Limitations based on Numbers
o No family foster home may be licensed for more than six children, excluding any children who are related to the foster parent, reside in the home and are not foster children
o Foster care must not be provided for more than two children who are under the age of 18 months or four children who are under the age of 5 years, including in that total any children of the foster parents under the age of 18 months or 5 years, without the approval of the licensing authority representative
o Your vehicle must have a seat belt for each household member, including foster youth
o Foster homes must have 200 square feet per household member
o Foster homes must have 35 square feet per child per room
o The dining table much have a seat/chair for each household member, including foster youth

Prepare Home (personal checklist)
o Make a list of items that still need to be completed prior to mock/official home inspection.

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