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Step One: Contact Us

Becoming a foster parent is a life changing decision. We are happy to answer any questions and assist you through every step of the licensing process. Contacting an Eagle Quest licensing specialist to attend a free information session is the first step to become a treatment level foster parent. Information sessions provide general information about the agency and the licensing process and time line. Please call 702.646.5437 or email us at and we will contact you to set up a time to attend an Eagle Quest information session.

Step Two: Information Session

Our Recruitment Specialist will facilitate an information session, which will describe the process and steps to become an Eagle Quest foster parent as well as outline the licensing and training timeline and give an overview of home safety guidelines. We are here to assist you through the entire process, clarify any concerns, and to answer any questions you have about becoming a treatment level foster parent.

Step Three: Training, Home Study, Document Collection and Application

Treatment level foster care requires 40 hours of initial training. Trauma Informed Partnering for Safety: Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (TIPS-MAPP) classes (30 hours- 3 hour sessions), Eagle Quest online courses and Restraint Model training of Crisis Prevention Training (CPI). The TIPS-MAPP training is divided into 3 hour sessions for 10 consecutive weeks or the 5 week hybrid course and requires the completion of the home study with our trainers. During the home study process, we will set up a series of two home consultations to get to know you, your family and your home environment. Also, a licensing home visit will be scheduled to help prepare you for an inspection with the County. The foster parent application is a lengthy document that our Recruitment Specialist will assist you with completing during the home study process. In addition to the application itself, documents will be collected including, but not limited to, FBI background check confirmation, TB records and proof of pediatric CPR/ First Aid certification.

Step Four: Inspection

Once your file has been processed and your criminal and child abuse and neglect background has been deemed clear per the County, an inspection will be scheduled with the parent(s) of the prospective foster home. The Eagle Quest licensing representative with whom you’ve been working will be present at the inspection, along with a representative from the County. The inspection will include elements that have been experienced during the Home Study process with the Eagle Quest Representative, and will thus be familiar.

Step Five: Licensure

Once the inspection process is complete, the prospective foster parent(s) will normally be licensed within a two-week period. Licensure must be maintained by providing updated documentation once those on file have expired, and obtaining additional training hours on an annual basis. Ongoing training is offered through the agency; however we do allow parents to participate in approved community training as well.

Step Six: Placement

After you have completed steps 1-5, the final step is attending a welcome orientation and moving forward with accepting your first placement! Once you are licensed, an Eagle Quest representative will contact you and the placement team to advise that you are able to accept youth in your home. Our placement team focuses on making the best possible match for both the youth and the foster parent(s); therefore each foster parent has the opportunity to interview youth prior to placement.

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