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Eagle Quest has been providing outpatient therapeutic and support services to clients and their families in Nevada’s many communities for over 10 years. Clients who qualify will have a carefully selected Family Support Specialist, Family Support Facilitator or Safety Case Manager assigned to help with the therapeutic or support process. We are committed to quality care and helping you achieve success as you strive towards your goals.

All Eagle Quest employees who work directly with clients go through 40 hours of initial training to build skills necessary to help you succeed. Eagle Quest service providers also have regular ongoing training which include information about providing services effectively and special topics related to leading clients to their best level of functioning.


A Support for You and Your Family


Rehabilitative Mental Health Services are available to those who qualify and have Medicaid Fee For Service or Amerigroup insurance. These services focus on the therapeutic needs of an individual. A highly skilled Family Support Specialist will rehabilitate those who have experienced trauma by conducting Basic Skills Training (BST) and/or Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR). The goal of these services is to restore the client to their highest level of social functioning.

Basic Skills (BST): Basic Skills Training is a service that teaches age appropriate skills for the struggles that clients may have.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR): Psychosocial Rehabilitation is comprised of one-on-one sessions that will help clients practice the skills they are learning in community settings.


Family Support Services are grant-funded and free of charge to those who qualify. These services focus on a family’s need for support. A highly skilled Family Support Facilitator will work with the family to coordinate services and community resource support, including help with household management, transportation, stress reduction and accessing food or other basic needs.

Case Management: Each client will be assigned a Family Support Facilitator. This Facilitator works with the client and family by accessing resources, providing services and advocating for the family.

Crisis Intervention: Some clients may experience life’s emergencies. In these cases, the Facilitator will conduct supportive interventions to stabilize the situation and make necessary referrals.


Safety Services are available to those that are referred by Department of Family Services. These services focus on the adult head(s) of household. A highly skilled Safety Case Manager will work with the caregiver(s) to reduce impending dangers in the household and keep their children safe at home.

Case Management: Each client will be assigned one or more Safety Case Managers. These Case Managers will work with caregivers to manage behavior, improve social connections and/or obtain resource support.

Crisis Management: Some clients may experience a threatening or disorganizing event. In these cases, the Case Manager will conduct safety interventions to assess safety and render the situation less overwhelming.


If you, or someone you know, are interested in participating in Community Based Services, please call Eagle Quest at 702.646.5437.

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