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Eagle Quest foster and group homes provide a safe and nurturing environment for at-risk youth whom are removed from their home. We offer a variety of placement options throughout Las Vegas and Pahrump. Our homes use an evidenced based curriculum for behavior modification; provide youth with a structured environment, as well as opportunities to learn basic life skills that will assist them in becoming productive members of society. Our foster parents are highly trained to work with at-risk kids and possess the skills necessary to promote a respectful and nurturing home environment. Eagle Quest foster parents also work in conjunction with the Eagle Quest clinical staff to ensure that youth’s therapeutic needs are met.


Safe Homes, Skilled Caregivers and Staff


Foster Parent, Caregiver, and Service Provider Training: Treatment foster parents receive extensive training to help foster youth who may have many challenging behaviors and problems. All foster parents and Eagle Quest employees who work directly with treatment foster care youth go through 40 hours of initial training to build skills necessary to help these youth succeed. Initial training includes completing of PS-MAPP (Partnering for Safety – Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting) and TFC (Together Facing the Challenge) training courses. Foster parents and Eagle Quest service providers have regular ongoing training which include information about providing services effectively and special topics related to foster care.


Supervision by Qualified Professionals: Foster parents and Eagle Quest employees who provide services directly to youth are supervised by a Qualified Mental Health Professional at Eagle Quest. This Qualified Professional supervises the treatment planning and delivery to assure that treatment is efficient and effective. Other direct supervision occurs at least monthly to assure that services are going according to the treatment plan. Foster parents also have support from Case Managers, their Supervisor, and Clinical Director for the many questions and concerns that come up in the course of parenting and caring for the youth.


Licensed and Monitored Homes: All Eagle Quest foster care homes are licensed though Clark County’s Foster Care Licensing. As part of maintaining the license, Eagle Quest case managers come to each home twice a month to conduct safety checks and check in on the children and foster parents.


Comprehensive Treatment for Youth with Unique Needs


Therapeutic Counseling: All youth in treatment foster care receive therapeutic counseling. Eagle Quest therapists are appropriately licensed clinicians or clinical interns and receive training to help youth with mental and behavioral health issues. Professional counseling can help improve problems that may arise from abuse, neglect, and trauma. For this, Eagle Quest offers several types of therapeutic counseling services: Comprehensive Mental Health Assessments, Individual, Family, and Group Therapy. The diversity in therapy structures gives these youth the professional support that they need.


Medication Management: Youth who have significant mental and behavioral health problems may benefit from medication to manage their symptoms. These youth can receive psychiatric medication that are managed though Eagle Quest’s licensed prescribers. Medications are prescribed only if medically necessary and with permission from the person legally responsible to consent for the child to use psychiatric medications.


Basic Skills (BST): Basic Skills Training are services that teach age appropriate skills for the struggles the youth may have. The goal of these services are to bring the youth up to their highest level of social functioning.


Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR): Psychosocial Rehabilitation is one-on-one sessions with one of Eagle Quest’s qualified mental health specialists. These services help youth practice the skills they are learning in community settings.


Crisis Intervention: Some youth in treatment foster care may experience mental or behavioral health emergencies where one of Eagle Quest’s qualified mental health professionals must intervene. In these cases, the therapist will conduct therapeutic interventions to stabilize the situation, assess safety, and make necessary referrals.


Case Management: Each youth in Eagle Quest’s Treatment Foster Care is assigned a Case Manager. This Case Manager works with the youth, their legal guardian, and Eagle Quest’s clinicians to coordinate and individualize treatment and care. The Case Manager will work as part of the youth’s team, assisting the foster parent or care-giver and often providing services in the community with the youth.


Experiences to last a lifetime


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